Internet Protocol Address

This number is a unique number used by all information technology devices (printers, router, modem and others) that identifies them and allows them to communicate with each other in a computer network.

In simpler terms, it is the same as the address of your home. In order to receive regular mail at home the sending party needs to have your correct postal address (IP address) of your city (network) or you can not receive invoices, coupons for pizza or the return of taxes.

The same is true for all computers on the Internet.

Why do I need to know my IP?

Our visitors need to know their IP addresses for many reasons, including games, technical support, remote desktop connection, proxy detection, anonymity, see if their address has changed or if they are running their own email server.

If you need to run your own email server or web server, it would be best to have a static IP address.

On the other hand, an IP VPN (or virtual private network) can also be used as an added safety net.
Visitors often come here to do an IP Address Lookup to find the location of an IP address.

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